Rohan Squirchuk & Associates: Who We Are
What We Do

Rohan Squirchuk & Associates work with Australian individuals, businesses and organisations to develop strong and ethical organisational cultures which foster mutual commitment between employers and employees. Our work is based on the principle that the highest levels of employee performance and client service delivery begin with individual wellbeing.

Rohan Squirchuk & Associates can help your organisation develop strong leaders who manage people and performance well and deliver strong results.

We provide:
  • Culture assessments and change strategies; and
  • Independent investigation, mediation and conciliation of workplace bullying, dicrimination and harassment complaints; and
  • Advice on settlement and strategies to return to productive work environments; and
  • The full suite of VitalSmarts™ training programs:
    • Crucial Conversations™;
    • Crucial Confrontations™;
    • Influencer;™
  • Advice, coaching and mentoring;
  • Immediate access to support and advice for dealing with problems; and
  • World class training, facilitation, research and speakers.

Rohan Squirchuk & Associates provide theoretically sound and highly practical solutions based on current legal principals and best practice.

Our Goals

We work closely with each of our clients to determine the key issues facing your business or organisation and then develop practical solutions with which to respond. We focus on providing quality, effective, practical and timely services.

By minimising overhead costs we have fixed a highly competitve fee structure without compromising the quality of the services we offer. Our goal is to deliver you with expert advice and services that provide practical solutions within your organisations budget.