Rohan Squirchuk & Associates: Who We Are
Skills, Development and Training

Rohan Squirchuk is one of only a handful of certified trainers for the full suite of VitalSmarts™ training programs.
  • Crucial Conversations Skills™ - To Build Agreement
    All organisations are aware of the critical nature of verbal communication. But when these conversations are poorly handled, the impact can adversely business performance. Crucial Conversations training introduces the skills needed to build acceptance, alignment and agreement at all levels of the organisation. Participants learn how to speak persuasively, address concerns in a respectful and skillful manner and ensure better decision making. Crucial Conversations will improve individual and team interpersonal relationships, guaranteeing better performance results at all levels of the business organisation.

  • Crucial Confrontations Skills™ – To Build Accountability
    Crucial Confrontations are often avoided in the workplace with people anxious to refrain from difficult situations where emotions can run high. The inability to hold crucial confrontations can result in lack of accountability, unfulfilled promises or expectations, inconsistency and resentment - all of which can affect individual, team and the organisation's performance results. Crucial Confrontations enable better results in business and day to day operations. Crucial Confrontations training teaches members how to hold people accountable, undertake performance discussions, motivate others without using power and enable others without taking over. It focuses on real direct action and will improve all areas of personal and professional life.

  • Influencer™ – To Ensure Change Occurs
    Influencer is a behavioural and cultural change model providing a systems approach to profound, persistent and resistant problems. Training teaches how to diagnose the multipicity of causes behind problems and how to create clear strategies for driving change. Influencer teaches particpants how to chose a desired outcome and to identify behaviours that would impact on results. Training also demontrates how to develop influencing strategies for changing individual behaviours to large-scale cultural transformations in organisations, developing positive behaviours and improving productivity.

  • VitalSmarts™
    VitalSmarts products have been used by more than 300 of the Fortune 500 businesses. Based on more than 30 years research and experience VitalSmarts training packages are award winning and have been proven to drive rapid changes in corporate and organisational performance. Each training course improves key organisational outcomes by focusing on high leverage skills and strategies Crucial Conversations, Crucial Confrontations and Influencer have all become New York Times bestsellers.