Rohan Squirchuk & Associates: Who We Are
Our Expertise

Our expertise is in employment law and practice. Rohan Squirchuk & Associates have more than twenty years experience in the highly changeable area of workplace legislation.

Our key services include:

Diagnosis, Strategy Development and Implementations
  • Reviews to audit and measure workplace culture and identify areas for improvements
  • Review and develop client policies and strategies for diversity and EEO
  • Mediation and dispute resolution assistance to resolve complaints and disputes
  • Investigating and managing complaints of inappropriate behaviour

Specialised and Tailored Skills Development and Training
  • Respectful Workplace Behaviour for Leaders and Managers
  • Respectful Workplace Behaviour for Employees
  • Coaching and Mediation Skills for Senior Leaders and Managers
  • Crucial Conversations, Crucial Confrontations and Influencer
  • Stop, Start, Stay - Workplace culture assessment and change strategy workshops
  • Workplace Health and Wellbeing - Developing Your Skills